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Forex Advantage Blueprint Trading System

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1 revolutionary underground forex trading method, which can pump cash in your pocket everyday like clockwork.

Pin Point Accurate Trades with such accuracy that it will keep you amazed for years to come

The forex guru Ugly Truth, The forex gurus are force feeding you with blatant lies. Discover exactly what they don't want you to know!

��‚��“You Can��‚��„�t Handle The TRUTH��‚��


There are some blatant lies that all these Forex Gurus are telling you!

The so called gurus are just playing with your emotions by selling you some magical indicators claiming to be the next holy grail and almost force feeding you ideas of day trading for a living. Well I'm afraid it's time to uncover some of the truths the gurus don't want you to know!

I cannot believe when they say that Free Indicators are useless. For more than half a century Elite forex traders and banks use these Free available indicators to make money day after day and after day for years to come.  And all of sudden these so called gurus think they are better than these successful banks? And go on to say that Free Indicators don��‚��„�t work? ..What GUTS!

Can Manual Trading ever work?.. Yes. That will be my Point Blank Answer. Elite Traders are doing the same for Decades. All you need is a successful forex trading strategy that actually works. And let me tell you this, the so called ��‚��“Forex Robots��‚�� are NOT the solution to riches in forex Market!

The Elite Traders Know Something You Don't !

While the Forex Robot Users are either blowing up their accounts or suffering from severe stress related health problems. There are some elite forex traders, who are positioning themselves for the inevitable monster move and continue to balloon their trading account with huge amount of money. The 1st thing these elite forex traders do is to Run Away from the forex robots. They use their own judgment and use effective Trading systems and make piles of cash month after month, week after week, leaving plenty of time to enjoy life with their friends and family.


The 4 "Golden Rules" Most Traders Will NEVER Learn


I am going to be very straightforward with you right now. I like telling the truth..which I know is going to upset all the other so called GURUS out there.

Deep breath... here it goes...

I've had my eyes on the Forex markets for years, but specifically, I spent the last few years carefully researching and testing a lot of system. Besides I also have spent enormous hours reviewing systems from other ��‚��“Forex Educators��‚��. So, I think I've seen it all, and 
for the most part
- it's ugly.

They mis
s what I call 4 "golden rules":

It must be a complete method, with setup conditions, entry rules, initial stop rules, and exit strategy rules, leaving no decision to chance.

It must include specific risk management, money management, and portfolio management guidelines.

It must be based on technical analysis, but it must not be a 100% mechanical system.

It must provide a way to trade in as little as 20 minutes a day and not force you to stare at your computer for hours.

At this point let me ask you, how many systems are there that meet all these 4 golden rules? Hardly Any!!

When you rely on a computer to make 100% of your trading decisions, you do not learn how to become a trader, and you never will. Instead, you essentially give up control of your trading account.

You see it is frustrating and deeply depressing to run around from system to system and look at next shiny thing. It is more frustrating since none of these Shiny things work! It is a terrible experience to follow the Forex Robots or some of the other senseless systems only to have them do almost the exact opposite as soon as you place your trade.



��‚��“Time to Discover an Incredibly Accurate Forex System, So Powerful that I had to keep it hidden for 3 years��‚��


Forex Advantage Blueprint

Forex Advantage Blueprint Trading System

It's time to stop playing games in Forex business and seriously start making money by trading successfully like the professional forex traders do on a consistent basis.

If you are struggling to make money in forex market and are facing agony of one losing trade after another, then your trading career is about to take a sudden change in direction and your life may never be the same again.

Forex Advantage Blueprint is a revolutionary trading strategy that will put a full stop to the agony you are facing. No longer will you have some so called ��‚��“Out of the World��‚�� Forex Robot trade on your behalf and cut your trading account into pieces.

You can now be in complete control of your trading and your life!


What Forex Advantage Blueprint Is NOT

Now, before I get into all the details on what's included with the course, I want to take a moment to tell you what the Forex Advantage Blueprint is NOT:

This course is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I don't believe in get rich quick schemes, and neither should you. While you can potentially make a lot of money trading Forex, you need to be a serious-minded individual and put the time into studying and applying the method you learn in this course.

This course is NOT a "black box" system that makes all the decisions for you. Instead, I this is a system where I have given clear cut instructions to YOU to make all the decisions so you have all the power and knowledge that can impact your future - forever.

This course is NOT a definitive reference guide on all aspects of Forex trading, trading indicators, and every nuance of trading. I don't want to bore you with useless theory and "filler", so I decided to make this course "lean & mean" and only include what you need to know to be able to quickly and efficiently increase your profit potential by day trading Forex.

Forex Advantage Blueprint is a Full Fledged System that focuses on Each and every aspect of your trade. Right from the moment you open that charts to when Pile of cash  moves into your trading account.

Using methods known only by some of the worlds elite forex traders the Forex Advantage Blueprint System employs strict risk-reward rules to ensure you consistently make money for the rest of your trading career.

Using this completely unique method of trading, with only 20 minutes a day you can easily make insane amount of pips every day.

And as if that's not enough...

To make it even easier for you I have also put together a series of take you by the hand step by step video tutorials. You will be able to see my screen and watch as I demonstrate exactly how I use the 'FAB System' to extract profits from the forex markets consistently.

Here's A Very Small Taste Of What You Will Discover Inside Forex Advantage Blueprint

1 powerful Forex system of trading the forex market with only 20 minutes a day that have been battle-tested and proven to work time and time again.

No complicated indicators at all, every technique taught in the Forex Advantage Blueprint is purely based on the Indicators available on all charting service.

How to instantly improve your trading skills to maximize your profits and at the same time minimise your risks..

Easily Identifiable entry and exit signals with predefined exit points leaving you nothing more to do than watch the profit roll in.

Essential money management rules used by the pros to ensure the odds are firmly fixed in your favour.

Detailed Manuals and Videos to show you everything in most detailed way so that the entire system is on your fingertips!

How to set up your charts to give you everything you need to know to take money out of the market in one glance.

Unseen trading method seen outside of the elite circle of professional forex traders for the first time.

How to obtain the right traders mindset from the very beginning and avoid suffering the emotional problems many traders encounter.

No more information overload, you will learn exactly what you need to make money in forex, nothing more and nothing less.

In short the Forex Advantage Blueprint contains everything you need to know to start making money in the forex markets now! It covers in thorough detail exactly how to crank out enormous profits from the forex market while only checking the charts for 20 minutes each day can do the job.

I am giving you 1 proven forex trading system that is explained in detail, meaning nothing but Ultra Profitable, Proven and Tested strategy for you to learn and implement.

But I didn't stop there...

I also created the Video Tutorial Series to help you learn the strategies taught in the Forex Advantage Blueprint with ease. You will be able to watch as I guide you step by step through the course and also show you detailed examples.

Testimonials for my previous products

"Outstanding Results, Impressed by Followup Contacts"

"I am new to Forex, after successfully trading the eminis for several years. Rather than use the multiple, complex indicators that I use on the eminis, I am thrilled that the elegant simplicity of your method has  yielded astounding results! I am further impressed by your follow-up contacts, and your ongoing video releases. 

It is rare to find such dedicated support, even for "methods" that are much more costly than yours. Thank you for making your method available to us at such a  reasonable price and for your support service. It has been wonderful to have this foray into the forex world be immediately profitable with your method. "

Again, THANK YOU! "

Patty B,
From Florida


Let's take a closer look at what you get in the Forex Advantage Blueprint package.

Important Forex Fundamentals

With so many people new to trading forex I thought it was essential that I cover some important concepts about how to trade. Now I won��‚��„�t bore you hear with some basic stuff, but these videos will be right to the point on some important concepts.


Opening a demo account

A short video tutorial setting you off on the right foot by introducing you to a demo account including its feature and how to take it��‚��„�s advantage. 

Getting to know the charting software.

A reliable charting software is absolute MUST in any form of trading. In this video I��‚��„�ll introduce to a good charting software that is fun to use. 

Forex Advantage Blueprint Manuals

Forex Trading System

If I have to use One word to describe Forex Advantage Blueprint, it will be ��‚��“Reliable��‚�� and ��‚��“Profitable��‚�� (That��‚��„�s two words actually)

The reason FAB system is so profitable is because it is based on strong fundamentals and covers all aspects of trading right from identifying right entry point to correct money management and finally exiting the trade at precise moment. And because of this FAB system can be one that you are going to use for the years to come.

Nothing is hidden from you, I reveal everything you need to know about the Forex Advantage Blueprint in this step by step manual so you can start creating wealth in the forex markets straight away.

This A-Z comprehensive trading manual contains everything you need to know to start making huge Pips with the Forex Advantage Blueprint. I recommend you read this manual first, and then review your understanding of the material by spending time watching the video tutorials to really hone your skills and reinforce your understandings of the system.

But that's not enough...

To make it even easier for you I have also put together a series of take you by the hand step by step video tutorials. You will be able to see my screen and watch as I demonstrate exactly how I use the 'Forex Advantage Blueprint' system to extract profits from the forex markets consistently.

Detailed Video Tutorials

Forex Videos

FAB Chart setup

Look over my shoulder to see how I setup charts for using Forex Advantage Blueprint system and also to understand what each indicator means in the overall scheme of things.  

forex videos

FAB Entry Formation

A complete explanation of how to identify entry setups with laser sharp accuracy. Watch my screen as I give you multiple examples of the setups in action. Once you get the idea and are able to consume, you will be able to scan your charts for setups in literally less than a minute.


forex videos

Money Management & Exit Strategies

If a correct entry point of a trade means that you have won 50% the battle, the rest half is won through money management and using correct exit strategies. Let me take you through detailed and step by step examples of exactly where, how the stops are placed andf when you should get out of the trade with best possible profit.

forex videos

FAB Trade Examples

In this section, We��‚��„�ll go through the charts and look at various examples of trades using FAB strategy. We��‚��„�ll look through the example of buy trades as well as Sell Trades.


So by now I think you are starting to see the undeniable opportunity I have put before you.

I'm confident you have never seen anything even remotely like this before and you may well be considering jumping straight ahead to secure a copy before it's too late, but before you do don't just take my word for it, here's what some of the forex community have been saying...

Limited Time Bonuses!

To really help you in making a good decision today, let me tell you about some Limited Time Bonuses I am going to give you if you become a part of FAB users today


FAB 1 hr Chart system ($97 Value)

The main Forex Advantage Blueprint system is for trading on 15 min chart. Since the system has incredibly strong fundamentals, it can be used on 1 hr chart also after it is changed in such a way that it meets swing trading needs. As a bonus I am going to give you set of manual and Videos that includes the system that can be traded on 1 hr chart to achieve huge amount of pips!


FAB 4 hr Chart System ($97 Value)

If a system can be used on a 15 min chart and also its variation can be used on 1 hr chart, can another variation be used on 4 hr chart? Yes Sir! It can be and my 2nd Bonus covers the strategy to be used on 4 hr chart where the profits can reach as much as 400 pips per trade!


Secret Volume Indicator ($47 Value) (Only for 1st 200 people)

Difference Between Forex and Stock market is that forex traders don't have advantage of price specific information. With Price information you can do a lot many things like check the reliability of support & resistance levels. 

As a 3rd Bonus, I am going to you a customized indicator to provide you with this important volume related Information!

Testimonials for my previous products

��‚��1st Product that helped my everyday trading"

"Easy to learn extremelly effective method for day trading the forex market helped me achieve extreme profits. It's the first product that really helped my everyday trading. All the thanks goes to you Rahul! "

Rok Pisek

"Potential to earn 100+ pips per trading session"

"Rahul...Congratulations on developing an extremely effective method for day trading the forex markets.  As an author in the Forex arena, I've had the chance to review most of the products out there, and there have been very, very few I've endorsed.  

Your method consistently returned substantial profits under both back and forward testing.  Anyone who is looking for a trading method that is super-simple to learn and execute, and has the potential to earn 100+ pips per trading session, look no farther than Forex Profit Farm."

J.J. "Jeff" Glenellis

"Sessions with 45 to 105 pips"

"Thank you for your system. I've traded it for about two weeks and have had sessions with profit from 45 to 105 pips. What makes this system so good is the follow through videos that you have posted and your dedication to helping others achieve great results.

I have been trading forex for about a year and this is the best trading system I have used and I have explored at least six others. There are no perfect systems in forex or we'd all be billionaires..but forex profit farm is the best day trading system I have seen. And your support is also the best out there. Please keep up the good work. "

Dan Green
Columbus, Ohio

 "Your system got me back into the saddle."

"Hi Rahul,

Thank you for your system. I am a beginner and I tried many other strategies to reduce my bill.
your system got me back into the saddle.
Thank you."

Czech Republic

"I have access to several systems over the last two years, but Your system is amazingly and elegantly simple!!"

Santa Cruz

"Only having at maximium 30mins to trade each day, I am more than pleased with the day trading strategies you have supplied in your courses, and am immediately trading profitably on the one that best suited my needs"

Robert Dunn
Brisbane, Australia

So let��‚��„�s sum up 6 reasons why the Forex Advantage Blueprint is without a doubt a truly revolutionary method of trading forex you simply can not afford to be without.

Reason # 1- 20 Minutes a Day

Just Requires 20 minutes a day to identify the trade setups and then my exit strategies will automatically take care of the trade for you. Spend the rest of the time to spend with your family or watch a movie on Blu-ray 

Reason # 2- Highly Profitable & Reliable

Highly Profitable and Reliable system based on strong foundation which you are going to use day, months and years to come. Once you start using the system, you will never be the same trader again.

Reason # 3- Simple to Learn

Unlike so many other unnecessarily complicated systems out there, you��‚��„�ll find this to be fresh breath of Air. The FAB system has been developed with step by step video tutorials to make it especially easy to learn so that anyone, from Beginner to an expert trader could follow the instructions and be ready to start a successful forex trading career in No time.

Reason # 4-No Proprietory Indicators

All the indicators I am using are ones that have been used by Elite traders for decades. No complicated indicators that you have never heard of or for which you have to pay a royalty fee. 

Reason # 5- Fast Mover Bonuses

Get my Bonuses ($241 value) including some fast mover ones just to try Forex Advantage Blueprint. It is like you are getting three Forex Strategies for a price of 1. My Volume indicator is only for 1st 200 people so get that while you can

Reason # 6- Tested & Proven

All the trading methods (including the bonus ones) have been rigorously tested over and over, they will consistently grow your trading account and you can relax with the knowledge that you will be following a solid and profitable forex trading method.

Questions & Answers

Through my interaction with various people, I understood what questions they have about Forex Advantage Blueprint are. So to save your time and trouble let me mention some of the most common questions with my response


 What kind of trading experience do I need in order to be able to understand and trade with Forex Advantage Blueprint?

 You can be a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran of trading and be able to understand and trade quickly and easily with Forex Advantage Blueprint. The course can be used by any trader ranging from beginner to expert.

 The only thing you need is ��‚��“Commitment��‚��

Can it be used with any forex broker?

It can be used with any broker. However I would recommend you to carefully evaluate the financial background of the broker since there are lot of scammers

What average win % can I expect using the Forex Advantage Blueprint systems?

Using the FAB system you can expect an average of between 70-75% winning trades. And on top of it is important to note that the winning trades are at least twice the size of a losing trade if not a lot more.

Will this method work with other markets like futures and stocks?

I see no reason why not, but I have not personally traded it in any other markets apart from forex.

What kind of support will I get after I  Invest in Forex Advantage Blueprint?

You can send me any question you have and I��‚��„�ll try to answer them for you.

Do I need any special software or indicator to use the Forex Advantage Blueprint?

That is the beauty. You��‚��„�ll never have to spend money on any special software or indicators when using this system. All the indicators it uses are freely available.  Why to use so called ��‚��“special indicators��‚�� when the free ones have worked so well over decades?

How can I get the material of Forex Advantage Blueprint?

As soon as you complete your order, you��‚��„�ll get immediate access (within 2 minutes) even at 3 AM.

Does Forex Advantage Blueprint require monthly payment?

No, You just have to make 1 time Investment and then you are all set! Simple..Right?

So What's It Worth For You To Have your Hands on A Proven Forex System To Make Thousands Of Dollars Each Month With Only 20 Minutes A Day?

Needless to say... I am offering you an Incredible opportunity to finally start earning the same income from trading forex that all the elite traders are.

I have done all the hard work for you by, I've condensed everything into a easy to follow step by step course for you to implement straight away.

Will you be ready to invest the amount that you can recover in a matter of just one day of using this system?

Let me tell you straight... This information is priceless.

I am sure I could put almost any price tag on it and it would sell.

But I've decided to price Forex Advantage Blueprint system at a truly rock bottom price...

You Can Get Hands On Forex Advantage Blueprint 
For Just $397 $197

Yes you read that correctly Just $197


Just for this week (3-Oct-2012 to 10-Oct-2012), I am reducing the price to just

$197 $147! 

(You can get it for $97 also..Check below for details)

(But This price is good Only from 3-Oct to 10-Oct-2012 . After that the Price will Increase to $197)

Remember the Bonuses alone are worth $241

You see, I could easily have set the price tag at a very high figure since I know this system works amazingly well.

But I'm afraid there is a catch....

I Am Only Releasing 350 Copies!


Well to be honest like I said earlier I give personal attention to each person who invests in my courses. If I sell more copies, I know I would get really busy and won��‚��„�t have any free time. So after a lot of thought I decided the best thing to do was limit the copies available to only 350.

This means I will give only 350 people a chance to change their trading careers forever, but once those 350 copies sold this product will be taken down!

I am so confident that you will have nothing but success with Forex Advantage Blueprint that I am offering you a 30 day money back Guarantee!!

But here is the REFUND CLAUSE - 

You have 2 options to buy -

Option 1 - Buy at full price and you'll be covered under no question asked 30-day money back guarantee

Option 2 - Buy at Discounted price, but with no refunds!

If you buy at full price, I am giving you FULL 30 DAYS to try FAB Strategy, go through all the manuals, Videos and apply them.

If at any point of time you are not happy for any reason what so ever, I urge you to please write to me and ask for a refund. 

So Now You Are Left With 2 Choices.


You can pass up on this once in a life time opportunity and keep struggling in the forex market


You can seize this life changing opportunity with both hands and take my risk free challenge now before its too late!

Forex Advantage Blueprint
$397 $197   Only $147

(This special price is good only from 3-Oct to 10-Oct-2012  After which The price will increase to $197)

Yes,  I am READY to take action now and learn your proven forex methods.

*This is full pay option and comes with 30 day money back guarantee

I am acting before the 350 copies sell out and this site is closed.

  I also understand that I will also receive the Bonuses worth $241.

Single Payment of $147


Option 2 - Discounted Price

1 payment of $97 (No refund option)

Please Note: This Product Is Download Only Nothing Will Be Sent In The Post!

The Forex Advantage Blueprint course is in Manuals and Video format and can be downloaded instantly after payment, all video tutorials are online and links to each video is placed in the Secret Member's Area!

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You'll receive your order instantly even if it's 3 am!

If you have any questions or problems with the download please feel free to contact me at

forexpf [at] forexprofitfarm.com

Thanks and Take Care

P.S - I am Serious. This Special launch price will go away  on 13-Apr-2011. And will NEVER BE OFFERED again. So please make sure you take advantage of this offer.

Single Payment of $147 Only((with 30 day money back guarantee)


(Discounted Price of $97 (No Refund Option)

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